Creating A Stone or Brick Garden Path

If you scroll through Pinterest enough you will find yourself dreaming of a garden pathway that looks like it was ripped straight from a fairytale. Lush greens and flowers growing wildly surround a rustic stone pathway that leads to anywhere and everywhere. Well, you've got your arbor (that was easy) now it's time to get your hands dirty! If you want that ethereal pathway lined with flowers you first have to plan and define it. Creating your own garden path may seem like a real chore but it can be fun and simple if you plan ahead and have the right tools - and like a bit of hard work!

  • Materials: First you have to choose what kind of path you are going to create. Do you want to use stone? Brick? Gravel? Or something more organic like mulch? Deciding on your material makes a huge difference in how you are going to create the path. So first look at the space you have and the aesthetic. If you don't have so much room maybe a path of large stones won't work. For a stone or brick path keep on reading!
  • Measure and dig: With string and pegs measure and map out your path. Remember if you want a certain edging to include that when you measure. From there dig enough dirt out to accommodate the sand and gravel that will make up the bottom of the pathway. Also remember to make the path slant at an angle for proper drainage. Once that is finished use some wood to enclose the pathway by securing it to the pegs you added to map out the path earlier.
  • Gravel and stone: Get your gravel and spread a layer on the pathway, tamping it down afterwards. Next spread a layer of sand making sure it is perfectly level and filled. After you can lay your stone or brick into the sand, tamping them down so they are securely in the sand and level with each other. After you are finished fill the gaps between bricks or stones with fine sand, finishing off with some more decorative gravel on the surface.



Gardening Around Your Mailbox Post

Spring is here! After a long and cold winter you can finally break ground (literally) on some of your spring projects. While the season is still in transition now is the perfect time to make some smaller changes to you home and garden. The perfect place to start is with a simple yet beautiful mailbox post or lantern post. We manufacture a variety of mailbox posts and lantern posts in a variety of materials. A mailbox post or lantern post is a great way to add some curb appeal to your home and create a classic elegance to your landscaping. One of the most fun parts of having a beautiful mail or lantern post is getting to add some seasonal touches to the area around it.

  1. Around the post: Spring is full of possibilities. Garden around your mail or lantern post with bright flowers and simple planters. A great way to start is to add mulch or potting soil to a circular area around the post. From there add some kind of edging like stone or brick. If you don't want an edging make sure the edge between dirt and grass is clearly defined. After creating the space add some simple spring plants that can add some color. Add a few small shrubs to create some lush greens and add a few bushels of colorful tulips, daffodils, or bunches of pansies. If you want a more rustic look go big with larger plants with smaller flowers and grasses.
  2. Go tall: If you like something more vertical plant a climbing plant like clematis or climbing roses! These plants will quickly climb and add a beautiful mix of colors and greens that will bring your post to life. If you take this route be sure to keep an eye on your post to make sure the plant is growing in the right direction and is well pruned. Read up on five of our favorite climbing plants to get some ideas!
  3. Fun planters: If you want to keep the ground area around your post simple add a few plants in pots and containers. A great way to celebrate spring is to utilize a small wooden barrel cut in half, filled with colorful flowers. Another fun idea is to fill an old watering can with soil and plant some tulips in it and place it next to the post. The post is already a focal point in your yard so make it fun and seasonal!



Commercial Fencing Solutions

First impressions are critical to any business or development. Creating a beautiful exterior for your business is a priority to ensuring prosperity and creating lasting positive experiences. Many restaurants, private clubs, housing developments, senior living centers, sports complexes and shopping centers have benefitted from the lasting beauty of a fence and gate from Walpole Outdoors. Classic designs with lasting, low-maintenance components makes Walpole fences the choice for businesses all over the country. Our commitment to crafting high quality fences and gates is the Walpole difference. We offer more than 40 different fencing styles and will collaborate with landscape architects and architects to fully realize their vision for a property's exterior. Walpole offers dozens of fencing options in the popular AZEK wood alternative. AZEK is a cellular vinyl material that has the look and feel of real wood without all the upkeep and a longer lifespan. AZEK will never rot or split and is impervious to moisture. For further customization AZEK can be pained any shade of Sherwin Williams vinyl safe colors and comes with a 25-year warranty. Unlike generic vinyl fencing materials AZEK is solid and reinforced. Fabricated in Maine, all AZEK products are built to last through tough weather for years and years. Fencing and gates are also available in traditional wood, created with the highest quality white and red cedar. Wood fences are sturdy and beautiful, taking steps to maintain the natural beauty of the wood without compromising on durability. A beautiful fence is not just a way to create a beautiful exterior but also provide essential security and privacy. Walpole board fences stand tall at apartment complexes, senior living centers and more providing privacy and security for residents and visitors. Our AZEK fencing also secures pool areas at hotels and protects the perimeter at schools and universities. High quality fencing also helps protect outdoor storage areas giving business owners peace of mind. After selecting your fence all that's left is deciding on the perfect gate. Walpole offers fully customizable gates in every shape and size imaginable to create a unique and memorable entry. Walpole gates, gatepost, hinge, footing and latch systems are engineered to hang straight and true unlike any other.



Safety and Curb Appeal - The Walpole Difference

Whether you plan on selling your home at any point or not curb appeal has a lot of impact on your home's value. When homeowners are preparing their home for a sale they generally focus on the interior while the exterior is just as, if not more important to get people interested in the first place. If a home isn't appealing on the outside are people really going to want to see what's on the inside? You have to ask yourself: "what kind of first impression is my home making?" Sprucing up the exterior of your home doesn't have to include extensive landscaping or a complete overhaul of the home itself, sometimes it just takes a beautiful, simple structure to tie everything together - like a fence. Quality fencing is a practical way to add some exterior excitement to your home to boost curb appeal and make stellar first impressions. You can add something unique that accentuates the uniqueness of your home or something classic and timeless that will last for decades and always be in style. Walpole fencing is unmatched in quality and design - that's the Walpole difference. With over 40 styles to choose from, Walpole Outdoors has a fencing option for every style home on every terrain in every climate. Adding a Walpole fence to your home not only increases the beauty but the security by adding an extra layer of stable protection between your home and the street, wild animals and other people. Using it to secure a pool or other dangerous area of the backyard is essential for any homeowner. A fence is an investment in the life and value of your home. Walpole fencing is durable and will last years and years. And with the incredible AZEK wood alternative material you will have no maintenance for the life of your fence. Unlike wood AZEK will never rot, split or warp due to moisture. The durable material is also versatile and can be painted any Sherwin-Williams vinyl safe color with a 25-year warranty. If you like the look of natural wood Walpole specializes crafting wood fencing from the highest quality white and western red cedar. After all, our name was originally Walpole Outdoors. The wood selections are finished with Sherwin Williams stain and installed either by our experts or shipped in sections with instructions. Walpole Outdoors is dedicated to creating the perfect fencing for each individual customer insuring quality and stability. You could throw away your money on a low-quality fence that will last you a few years (or until the next blizzard) or you could make an investment that will last you decades and create positive first impressions. The choice is pretty simple.



Commercial Grand Entrances

Make an entrance! he entrance to your business is essential - it's the first thing a customer or partner will see and the first impression they will have of you and your business. Think of a notable country club, shopping mall, park, restaurant or a residential community. What is the first image that comes to mind? Chances are it's the building's front facade or entrance. If that is the image that will forever be associated with your business don't you want it to be a good one? Walpole Outdoors has many structures that can be made into stunning entryways. From fencing and gates to pergolas and arbors our design team can take the architect or landscape architect's vision and craft something complimentary, unique and long-lasting. Our design team helps select the best materials for the job and provides the refinements and design details to make it perfect. Once finalized engineers turn those CAD plans into a durable, fully finished and kitted assembly ready for routine installation. Most of our entrance features are made using structurally reinforced AZEK cellular PVC that has been factory-finished with Sherwin-Williams Super Paint in any of hundreds of colors. Unlike wood AZEK will not deteriorate due to environmental conditions so you won't have to worry about the paint fading or the posts rotting. The paint finish for all of our AZEK products has a 25 year warranty. Beyond our reputation as a producer of fine fencing and arbors, Walpole is an expert in design, construction and installation of automated entrance gates. Outfitted with the latest in electronic access controls our steel-framed, AZEK-clad gate leaves and pillars are unmatched in precision, rigidity and beauty. Hundreds of gates are made each year for installations across the country. A Walpole structure is an investment in the success and reputation of your business. From the initial consultation to the final installation Walpole is committed to helping you craft the perfect structure for your business. After all, our reputation as a business depends on your front entry structure as well!

For more information on how Walpole Outdoors can help create a lasting and unique front entrance for your business contact us today.


Outdoor Dining Solutions For Restaurants

Operating an outdoor patio area can be a great investment for a business in the hospitality space. As the weather warms up and even in the winter in some milder climates, an outdoor patio can provide additional seating, increased revenue, and happier customers for a restaurant. Research has shown that patio seating can add as much as 30 percent in sales to an establishment's receipts, so it's no wonder that outdoor seating is something a lot of businesses choose to invest in.

There is always the chance of perfect weather. For all the other days of operating an outdoor seating area, sun and rain protection is a must. Rain can shut down outdoor seating for days in certain seasons and cut into a restaurant, club, or hotel's profits in no time. Likewise, too much sun and heat aren't always welcome. With growing health concerns for UV exposure and an aging population, an outdoor space can become uncomfortable for patrons, driving customers away in search of a shady outdoor space leaving your patio empty. Meanwhile, a full and active patio is an excellent advertisement of a restaurant's popularity. To ensure outdoor serving areas produce revenue and attract customers, an increasing number of businesses in the hospitality niche are turning to retractable patio covers. Retractable patio covers keep a patio up and running rain or shine, keeping the wet away and patrons cool on harsh summer days. When considering a patio cover, business owners may want to run a few numbers to determine what kind of ROI they could get from investing in a retractable patio cover. A basic calculation can illustrate the sizeable ROI potential. In this example of a small outdoor space, simply keeping a patio open an additional 15 days in a season can return $45,000. Let's say we have a casual dining restaurant with a $25 per seat average and a patio space with just six tables of four. With 45k in receipts for an extra 15-days of seating (with just 10 table turnovers at 50% capacity), a retractable patio cover will see your business recouping the investment in these 15 days assuming a 20% bottom line. The ROI is considerably higher if you also account for the added revenue and return generated on all the other days. With a retractable patio cover you now have a more comfortable dining environment sheltered from the sun. The patio area needs to possess many of the same interior space characteristics to maintain a consistent brand, style, and ambience. A Walpole Pergola with retractable canopies can be traditional or contemporary, wood or low maintenance AZEK -in virtually any color. With an attractive canopy fabric, the outdoor dining area by Walpole can incorporate light fixtures, radiant heaters, speakers, TV's railings, lattice, trellis planters and screening.



The Perfect Gift: Garden Tools

Christmas is left than a month away! While you evaluate your shopping list don't forget that garden lover in your life. An avid gardener or just a new homeowner is the perfect recipient of an outdoor-centric gift. Love the gift now, and use it once the weather warms! These garden gift ideas are perfect no matter your budget and don't require measuring or special ordering so you can really give them a surprise...

Small Garden Tools

Keeping up a garden takes dedication and hours upon hours of work. Give a gift that will make everyday gardening a little easier. The small Tool Hod is a classic and endlessly practical gift. This cedar or AZEK hod is perfect for carrying tools as you move through the garden and also doubles as a cute planter for the picnic table or by the front entry in the springtime. The Garden Hod Basket is also a great idea for the springtime harvest. This handy basket is light and perfect for carrying around as you pick flowers or harvest your springtime veggies. 

Large Garden Tools

If you are looking to spend a little more money make an investment in your friend or family member's garden! A practical and stylish tool is the handy Folding Potting Bench. This cedar and AZEK bench easily folds and unfolds for easy storage. This bench is great for using around the garden whenever a sturdy table is needed. This is also a great piece to use inside a storage shed to keep tools organized. Another handy tool (that can also double as a stylish decoration when you aren't using it) is the Vermont Garden Cart. This cart is perfect for moving pots, plants, soil and anything else you need to move around the garden. This cart is made of steel with heavy duty wheels making it sturdy, easy to move and able to handle up to 300 pounds of weight.  The perfect gift for the gardener in your life is only a click away! Get your gift before it's too late.



Solutions For Shopping Centers and Retail Locations

One of the biggest design trends for shopping centers is open outdoor spaces. Developers and architects concentrate on enhancing their shopping centers by creating attractive sites, new looks, places for shopper enjoyment and enhanced property value. Structures included in the landscape plan welcome the traveler, help guide motor traffic, beautify the grounds, provide shoppers with resting spots and shade, provide way-finding and security, and conceal waste collection and utility areas. Whether it's fencing or a shady pavilion, a pergola, a decorative rooftop feature or a dumpster enclosure, everything outside must be made of durable material and be finished to withstand any tough climate condition. Walpole Outdoors specializes in crafting beautiful and durable structures for a variety of outdoor spaces. Walpole works with developers and architects directly to create custom products that meet each unique project's individual needs.

Each project has been crafted in high quality, low-maintenance wood alternative material AZEK for infinite life, factory painted for style, color and durability and kitted for the simplest of installation cost. Built by Walpole in modules and shipped to Mississippi, the Tanger Outlet entrance tower hides HVAC equipment and is an attractive signature feature that can be seen for miles around. Because the location of the structure is nearly inaccessible it was built with reinforced AZEK and Sherwin-Williams paint to make maintenance unnecessary. Designed in Chicago, engineered by Walpole Outdoors right here in Massachusetts, built by Walpole in Maine and installed on-site by the contractor.

One of the most popular structures at Walpole Outdoors are stylish pergolas. Many AZEK pergolas go to commercial sites to add appeal and value to a public space, ambience to a restaurant's outdoor dining area or shelter from the elements over a sidewalk. Walpole's ornamental Iron fencing, AZEK lantern posts, lattice panels, planters, post and rail fencing all share the same objective of style, durability and ease of installation. Many are off-the-shelf and the rest are detailed by our engineers to finalize the architect's concept.



Award-Winning Akimbo Design to Feature at New England Grows EXPO 2016

From the creative mind of playground designer, Sarah Carrier, comes Akimbo, the first winner of the Boston Society of Landscape Architect's Design Challenge 2016.This playful geometric and flexible design for public seating, inspired by children's blocks and the human figure, will occupy pride of place at the upcoming New England Grows Expo, November 30th to December 2nd at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

The Design Challenge was conceived by the BSLA and New England GROWS to display the talents of the society's members in the creation of physical products for parks, schools, and cityscapes. Whether on their side or standing up, the various Akimbo pieces can be set up easily into a comfortable seating height. Pulled together, Akimbo can form a social bench that accommodates more than 20 people. Sections can be moved around to create fun, imaginative shapes. This functional and highly imaginative interactive installation was handcrafted by Walpole Outdoors in AZEK cellular vinyl at their fabrication facility in Maine. The low maintenance material, donated by AZEK, is a cellular PVC that requires very specific skills and advanced technology to produce an exceptional, long-lasting end product. In crafting Akimbo the design and manufacturing team at Walpole Outdoors started with meticulous CAD drawings. Then, raw AZEK sheets were fed onto Walpole's CNC routers to ensure maximum accuracy, precise detail and repeatability.

At our Maine facility, AZEK cellular vinyl can be cut, routered, molded, and shaped with the same exceptional results that we have delivered to our fence and outdoor structure customers for generations, said Walpole Outdoors president, Lou Maglio. "We spent 10 years researching and testing wood alternative materials, laminating techniques, and advanced adhesives before choosing to handcraft with AZEK vinyl. Today, Walpole is the largest fabricator of AZEK cellular PVC in the country, Maglio continued. To finish the fun, user-friendly look of the Akimbo project, Sherwin-Williams donated the very best in finishing paints. Working closely with Sherwin-Williams, Walpole developed a unique factory in-line coating system with meticulous sanding and drying, to ensure complete paint coverage and a deep, rich, flawless finish. In conjunction with our partners, AZEK and Sherwin-Williams, we were delighted to help complete the highly creative Akimbo interactive installation. Along with Sarah, we look forward to seeing just how the attendees at Expo interact and have fun with the Akimbo pieces, said Maglio. 



Low Maintenance Structures For Planned Communities

When you are embarking on a complicated project finding a designer and supplier that can provide reliable, quality products is essential to getting things on time and under budget. With complex projects like planned communities Walpole Outdoors has provided a myriad of services and products that have delighted homeowners and developers alike. Whether you are looking for a grand entry gate into the community, a custom sign welcoming residents and visitors, large scale fencing, mail and lantern posts that will feature throughout the community or structural elements like pergolas and arbors Walpole can help.

Architects and developers choose Walpole Outdoors to help craft their planned communities for the quality products and flexibility of designs. Walpole products are crafted in low-maintenance AZEK wood alternative. This material has the look of painted wood without all the splitting and rotting that occurs over time. AZEK comes in factory-finished white but can be customized with Sherwin Williams vinyl safe paint to meet the exact color needs of the project. With such a large scale project that will require daily maintenance and attention providing a product that is virtually maintenance-free is highly desirable and one less thing to worry about. Walpole also works with architects and developers to craft custom designs that suit their exact needs so they can cultivate the perfect look for their community. Walpole specializes in working with developers design products that are unique like custom front entrance signage to products that require uniformity like mail and lantern posts that will feature throughout the community. In addition to fencing, gates, pergolas and arbors Walpole also supplies planned communities with options for storage including sheds, durable privacy fencing and small buildings as well as decor items like stylish planters and window boxes.

Give us a call at 800-343-6948 or request a free design consultation online to get started on your planned community. We will happily discuss our variety of products and styles to help you find the perfect structure for your planned community!