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Gorgeous Gardens Deserve Incredible Enclosures

Posted on 2021-02-09 by Walpole Outdoors

Waiting for spring can leave you feeling as antsy as a kid waiting to unwrap their birthday presents. You’ve been counting down the days thinking, will it ever get here? While the ground might be frozen solid and snow very well may be in the forecast, there’s no better time than now to scheme and dream of your garden and the warm days to come.

Ah, your garden. That special little corner of the world to retreat to, to find solitude in, to refresh and to renew. A beautiful enclosed garden is like an extension of your home offering an outdoor living space for family and friends to enjoy both fresh air and each other’s company. Carve out your own outdoor oasis by enclosing your garden with a customized Walpole enclosure and create a space perfect for al fresco entertaining, socializing and gathering, especially when indoor entertaining may not be viable. Wow your guests this spring with beautiful garden enclosures that range from traditional to contemporary to rustic.


Define Your Garden In Style

The fencing you select for your enclosed garden tells your story. What do you want it to say about your style? Think about your garden like any other room in your home, minus the ceiling. How would you design it? Walpole’s expansive line of custom AZEK fences offers limitless possibilities for truly stunning garden enclosures. By enclosing your garden spaces with custom AZEK fences, you not only protect all of the time, energy, and effort you have put into your garden; but you also add some serious aesthetic appeal.

A traditional Walpole board fence is solid, durable, and built to last. Handcrafted in low maintenance AZEK, these premium board fences won’t rot, buckle, or sag, and the board-on-board layout ensures maximum privacy. Custom AZEK fences not only protect all of the time and hard work you put into your garden; they’re also easy on the eyes.

Add on a layer of extra interest to a traditional board fence by topping it with a contrasting panel. Consider dressing up your tried-and-true traditional board fence with an English Lattice Topper.

Feeling uninspired by a traditional white fence? Don't shy away from a more modern board fence design. With 125 colors to choose from, make a statement with bold hues like verde or cobalt that will pair perfectly alongside a lush green lawn. (TIP: Hang decorative garden lights from them to create a twilight entertaining zone.)

Make A Good First Impression

Whether it marks the entry to your home, connects one zone to the next, or puts the finishing touch on your enclosed garden, a custom vinyl gate can be a showstopping garden feature all on its own, like lattice gate with a Chippendale Topper. In other words, if you’re thinking of a garden gate as a matter of function, you’re missing the big picture.

Passing through a garden gate is like walking into a secret, hidden world. The entrance to your garden is the very first thing visitors will notice, sparking curiosity as to what might be around the corner. Garden gates roll out the welcome mat in a way no ordinary pathway can. Often draped with rambling wisteria, colorful clematis or fragrant climbing roses, your garden gate can create a dramatic focal point. And, with your ability to choose a custom vinyl gate that reflects your personal style, you can create a bespoke design to mark the entry of your garden.

Define your backyard garden in style. Designing a cottage garden? A spindle top arbor with a lattice gate brings oh so much charm. Allow roses or vines to climb up your lattice gate for an enchanting and fairy tale like entry.

Or are is your style more traditional? An entry gate flanked by tidy white pickets is as classically American as apple pie. Add in some swoon-worthy swaths of blooms and a charming arbor and you will be beckoning your guests to come in and stay while.

Create An Exceptional Enclosed Garden with Walpole

Whether you need to enclose a backyard, conceal a side yard space, or connect two garden rooms, make your outdoor space unforgettable by adding a custom vinyl gate. Created with both aesthetics and durability in mind, Walpole gates not only secure a property’s perimeter but also enhance its appearance. With an extensive range of gate styles to complement a variety of AZEK fences, from formal to rustic, antique reproduction to contemporary, your Walpole gate, made of beautiful, low-maintenance solid cellular PVC, can be customized to almost any height and width.

At Walpole Outdoors, we’ve been helping families create exceptional outdoor spaces since 1933. Thinking about enclosing your garden with custom fencing, gates, lattices, or other premium products? Walpole Outdoors can help make that dream a reality.

Contact us today to schedule your free professional design consultation and get your garden project underway

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Get Ready for a Great 2021: Springtime Planning Starts Now

Posted on 2021-01-27 by Walpole Outdoors

Every winter, we gaze out the window at our cold, empty yards and bare gardens. Longer days, and warmer weather are coming, we tell ourselves. Soon, we’ll be welcoming company for lunch on the patio. Those empty flowerbeds will be full of lush color, and we’ll be out there with the kids playing kickball or splashing in the pool. Even when we’re not doing anything but quietly relaxing, it will be in the fresh air instead of on the couch.

And this year, you can make all of those outdoor experiences even better. The additions and enhancements to your outdoor home that create the perfect spaces for family, for company, and for you.

It’s not too late, but it’s certainly time to get those creative ideas and project plans in motion. AZEK pergolas or lattice fences with custom vinyl gates don’t just appear like magic, and even something as simple as a planter box or outdoor rocker takes time to select, order, and ship. But with your vision, a little bit of guidance, and the help of capable pros, the 2021 you’ve been hoping for can come to life this spring.

Whatever you’re most looking forward to doing this spring, there’s an outdoor project you should be planning right now!

Entertaining is Everything: Put up a Pergola!

If you can’t wait to welcome company back to your home for the first time in what feels like forever, Spring is your season. The mild weather is perfect for spending entire afternoons outdoors with friends for dining, wine & apps, or just talking without having to check if you’re muted first. AZEK pergolas are an increasingly popular solution that upscale homeowners are using to create outdoor spaces where they can enjoy both the fresh air and the feeling of being in the same room with visitors.

What are AZEK pergolas? Well, you probably know that a pergola is a structure with posts supporting a slatted or open-rafter roof (but it can be much more sophisticated than that – check out these design ideas) that can be free-standing or attached to a home, a pool house, or other building, creating an open-sided, shady, multi-purpose space. These sturdy, low-maintenance structures are made (as the name implies) of AZEK solid cellular PVC. Layers of Polyvinyl chloride are compressed together, giving this synthetic (but environmentally friendly) material the look and grain of real wood, and some vendors will even deliver and install them pre-painted in hundreds of premium colors!

AZEK pergolas can be custom designed for your property, but even predesigned models and kits need to be carefully selected and installed. Now is the right time to explore pergola inspiration galleries, or even to schedule a design consultation.

Still On the Fence About Spring planning?

Good fences make good neighbors. Great fences make your yard amazing! Fencing does far more than merely give your property a functional perimeter; creative uses of picket, board, or lattice fences (augmented with details like designer colors, selected fence caps, or custom vinyl gates) create structure and spaces for all the experiences you’ll share this year in your outdoor home.

Many families are gracing their landscapes with lattice fences, and it’s easy to see why. Many styles of lattice fencing give a feeling of light and airiness, while still being sturdy and elegant. Lattice fences go beautifully around patios, pool areas, and garden enclosures, and they can be paired with custom vinyl gates that complement their style and invite passage from one area of your yard to another, whether as welcome guests or as kids heading out to play in the backyard.


To ensure that the finished product lives up to your expectations, fencing and gate projects require careful measurements, expert design advice, and professional installation. Look for a professional partner that can provide all three. From consultation to concept to completion, you and your property deserve the best.

Come Out and Sit a Spell

If the idea of planning big, involved projects leaves you feeling overwhelmed, take a seat and rest – but not just any seat will do. An easy project (but one you shouldn’t put off for too long) is adding quality, comfortable outdoor furniture to your property for you and your guests to enjoy.

An assortment of comfy chairs, an end table or two, or an outdoor rocker can help make your patio, your deck, or your anywhere in your yard your new favorite sitting room, dining room, or family room. AZEK pergolas and the versatile spaces they create can even be outdoor multipurpose rooms: with a dining table and benches for a late spring cookout or as the perfect shady reading nook for one, with a good book and a comfy outdoor rocker.

Quality is everything when it comes to selecting outdoor furniture, and skimping on cost can all too often mean that you’ll be buying a replacement within a year or two. Look for top-rated brands and don’t hesitate to take advantage of the free consultations some professional outdoor designers offer to find the styles that are right for you and your home.

Where to Start?

Clearly, now’s the time to get planning for your 2021 spring projects. And where you start is at least as important as when. Even if you’ve got a great sense of style or a clear image of the outdoor home you want to enjoy and share, consulting a professional designer before you commit to any purchases or construction is a great investment. And if you choose the right consultants, that investment can be free.

Walpole Outdoors specializes in creating amazing outdoor spaces for the most discerning homeowners. They are the leading designers, fabricators, and installers of the highest quality AZEK pergolas, and they offer a wide array of classical, contemporary, and fully customized design in fencing, gates, and outdoor furniture. Walpole designers are available now to schedule a free measurement and design consultation of your property, so you can start planning right now for your spring projects, and enjoy the wonderful 2021 you’ve been waiting for. 

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Small Upgrade, Big Impact: Enhance Your Building Façade

Posted on 2021-01-18 by Walpole Outdoors

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, right? 

Actually, when it comes to the façade of your office building, the entryway to your business, or the outside view of any commercial facility, you get chances to make a great first impression all the time. The upgrades and improvements you make to the “face” of your business can be as involved as a complete architectural remodeling, as simple as adding a splash of life and color with a few well-placed vinyl flower boxes outside your entrance, or as versatile as using lattice panels to add texture and visual interest to newly built or existing outdoor structures. 

Some of the most effective steps you can take to give your building façade a livelier, more inviting look are also among the least expensive, with minimal installation time required. If you’re not considering some of the easy, impactful projects discussed below, you’re missing out on an opportunity for your business property to make that all-important first impression.

A Distinctive Touch of Texture: Lattice


Airy but architectural, sophisticated but simple – Lattice panels are a versatile element for beautifying your property. Whether made of metal or solid cellular vinyl, custom lattice panel placement (or even creative use of simple lattice kits) can add visual interest to any surface or area, enhance an entrance as part of a pergola, pagoda, or breezeway, and to tie together your entire outdoor appearance. Best of all, lattices are generally an inexpensive option to incorporate into your exterior projects. 

Lattice panels can be easily and strikingly used as dividers between areas in an outdoor space, as side-sections of an outdoor enclosure or canopied structure, or even as decorative and functional fencing. This let air and light flow through an area, giving it structure and an inviting and warm feeling. Custom lattice panel designs can complement your existing architecture, striking just the right balance between heavy solid panels and the emptiness of having no panels in place. 

Lattice can also be applied over an existing surface, for a variety of effects. A simple lattice panel set on a wall (especially with live or artificial greenery attached) brings a warm, organic look to otherwise stark or dull outdoor surface. Custom lattice panel coverings over windows and archways create privacy and shade without completely blocking the view from inside. Selectively placing the same pattern of lattice at multiple places of a building exterior (such as window or shutter lattice kits, on balcony railings, or along the building foundation) can create a pleasing sense of design unity. Many buildings even achieve a totally new, sophisticated look by covering their entire façade in custom lattice panel structures. 

Check out some of the stylish sample project images in this article for ideas on how to incorporate premade or custom lattice panel components into your building exterior!

Gardens That Go Anywhere: Flower Boxes


The outside of way too many commercial properties looks and feels cold, drab, and impersonal on even the brightest of days. Luckily, the most reliable way to liven up any outdoor space is also one of the easiest: add some live greenery and floral color! 

While some commercial properties may opt for building and maintaining raised flower beds or having expensive, fragile concrete planters placed at their entrance or by an outside dining area, there’s better solution. Solid cellular vinyl flower boxes have the look and feel of real wood, but they are durable and low maintenance, keeping their structure and color for decades. 

Available in a range of premade sizes, these versatile vinyl planters can also be custom-made to complement your building’s architecture and painted to match fencing, signage, or even any beautiful lattice panels you might also be adding. 

Be sure to select plants that will thrive in the amount of sun, wind, and other environmental factors that their placement will give them. If you’re selecting climbing plants or ones that require frequent pruning, make sure to keep them regularly tended. Talk to the landscape architect or other professionals about the best choices for both appearance and practicality.

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