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Truly Make an Entrance: Walk Gates

Posted on 2021-12-13 by Walpole Outdoors

Ah, the perfect gate. The one that expertly blends form and function, style, and safety. Mirroring your home's architectural design and aesthetic while providing an additional layer of safety, gates can keep kids and pets in the yard, keep critters out, or create a privacy buffer. Whether freestanding or integrated into surrounding fencing, walk gates, when well-designed, become an extension of your home. Better yet, they make a first impression that lasts. 

Seamlessly blending with the natural flow and aesthetics of your property, an AZEK gate can be one of the defining factors of your home’s curb appeal. And, whether you need to enclose a backyard space or conceal any unsightly physical elements adjacent to your property, you can transform your outdoor space into something truly unforgettable by adding a custom AZEK gate.

With an expansive range of styles from contemporary to cottage, New England to Floridian, Walpole gates are made of beautiful, durable, low-maintenance solid cellular PVC, customized to almost any height and width to secure a property’s perimeter while enhancing its appearance.

Expertly crafted to enhance your entry, walkway or surrounding pool area, the quality and style of a Walpole Outdoors AZEK gate is unrivaled. Strategically positioned at your home’s entrance, between two outdoor garden rooms or alongside a pool, Walpole’s stylish gates and fences not only highlight the beauty of your yard, but they also add an extra layer of privacy, security, and safety.


It’s all in the details

Whether you consider things like fencing and gates an extension of your home or merely a matter of function, there is an incredible range of styles, colors, and materials when it comes to making your design decisions.

Take the picket walk gate. With perfectly positioned vertical posts supported by a horizontal rail, picket gates and fencing are among the simplest to construct. Yet, even the picket gates come in a seemingly endless range of styles, from contemporary to grandma’s garden. Even the smallest variation in design details can make a sizeable statement when it comes to selecting your gate.

Shape, design, and all of the decorative finishes play an equal role in creating your property’s overall “vibe.” Aesthetically, you’ve got some choices to make. Rounded or pointed? Coved or Convex? Charming or contemporary? The possibilities are plentiful.

For example, this Yorktown gate measures featuring a 6 inch Annisquam top is both elegant and stately. While this poolside scalloped Chestnut Hill Fence featuring crisscross walk gates offers a more contemporary aesthetic. Reminiscent of Walpole's custom Chippendale style, these walk gates at the Lindens House in Washington, D.C. have been meticulously reproduced in keeping with the period of this historic property. When it comes to customizing an AZEK fence or gate, the design possibilities are truly limitless with Walpole.


Perk up your Property with Color

Generally, if your gate is connected to your property’s surrounding fence, the materials should be consistent for a more cohesive, seamless design. Perfectly paired sections of lattice fencing flank this double walk gate tastefully blending into the landscaping. Lattice fencing, like this, offers unobstructed views of the property while serving as a deterrent for critters and providing an additional layer of safety.

Though sometimes, delineating a gate with different, yet complementary material can create a focal point that truly stands out. One of the easiest and most effective ways to make a statement is through color. Like this show-stopping blue gate – who could walk past and not notice it? 

Walpole’s signature collection of walk gates, arbors and lattice fencing comes signed, sealed, and delivered in your choice of more than 100 Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe paint colors. From verde to terracotta, you can customize your AZEK fence or gate to your taste with an extensive palate of color choices, guaranteed to last for 25 years.

Low on maintenance, high on performance.

Scientifically engineered to repel mold, resist weathering, and combat warping caused by environmental stressors at a level that can’t be beaten, AZEK continues to be the industry-leader in a fast-growing outdoor living market. Over the last 10 years, Walpole has been expanding the use of AZEK to include nearly all our manufactured items, from custom gates to lattice fencing due to its durability and long-lasting beauty.

Call us to schedule a free measurement and design consultation of your property, so we can start planning right now for your next project. 

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From Emptiness to Elegance: Transforming Public Spaces with a Commercial Pergola or Arbor

Posted on 2021-12-01 by Walpole Outdoors

Over the last 3,000 years, pergolas and arbors have been used to create, accent, and define outdoor spaces. While the actual terms “pergola” and “arbor” and their definitions have been used somewhat interchangeably since ancient times, their functions have remained unchanged. Covered outdoor spaces have continued to remain a necessary provision in public spaces, whether for providing a shaded space on hot days or for improving visual intrigue by adding hints of room-like structure to empty outdoor spaces.

No doubt these architecturally inviting areas enliven public spaces. As you incorporate arbors and pergolas into your architectural and landscape designs, it’s important to have a reliable partner to fulfill your specifications and renderings and achieve the most impressive end results.

A career of creating cohesion with structure

Many forward-thinking architects and designers understand the need to develop intentional outdoor spaces that serve as focal points for both activity and for relaxation. And one of the most effective ways to transform a space lacking purpose and structure into an elegant one is by integrating premium quality structures like a custom vinyl pergola or custom arbor. Delineating different areas for public use and unifying overall site features and spaces into a cohesive whole, a commercial pergola-defined area within a public space creates an impetus for social events and public gathering.

For more than 85 years, Walpole has been crafting such premium products that define some of the most distinguished properties (business, municipal, and residential) across the country. Our commercial and public use pergolas can be found at universities, high schools, senior housing locations, country clubs, and other public and private spaces. From five shade pergolas on Sea Isle City Boardwalk to a handsome Walpole four-column pergola defining an outdoor seating area for employees at a corporate office, we create truly distinctive products with superior laminating, molding, and an unrivaled finishing technique in our state-of-the-art facilities. You see, Walpole doesn’t just make a commercial pergola more efficiently (potentially putting more options within your project’s budget), we make it better. By working with Walpole, you not only gain another set of eyes on your design process you also double down on the quality you’re putting out.

While many fine off-the-rack styles exist for commercial pergola and arbor projects, there’s nothing like your personal designs to transform your clients’ properties in ways you’ll be proud of. In collaboration with architects and designers, Walpole streamlines and improves the design-to-build process, making it easy to integrate top-quality, finished structures like a show-stopping vinyl pergola or custom arbor crafted from AZEK to any outdoor public or commercial space project. We work directly with design and architecture professionals to deliver uncompromising quality and unrivaled style, and we are ready to partner on your next big project.

Your only partner for AZEK excellence

Walpole has always offered and enjoyed close partnerships with builders and architects, creating custom outdoor structures, meeting exacting specifications, and adapting to changing styles and trends. For nearly a decade, Walpole Outdoors has been using AZEK, expanding our use of this environmentally friendly material to include nearly all of our manufactured items due to its durability and long-lasting beauty. In addition to natural woods and metals, many of our custom premium outdoor structures are handcrafted in the low maintenance, long-wearing cellular PVC known as AZEK.

Leveraging innovations in material science to offer sustainable solutions, AZEK has truly revolutionized both the residential and commercial building industries. The truth is, when it comes to construction, not all materials (or even all composite materials) are created equal. AZEK is unique among synthetic building materials, offering beauty and durability with little to no maintenance. With the texture, look, and feel of real wood, AZEK is an alternative material outlasting its counterparts by a mile.

As the leading fabricator of AZEK, Walpole is more than just a high-end service partner, we are the industry leaders. Walpole Outdoors specializes in creating amazing outdoor spaces for the most sophisticated designers and discerning homeowners with fully customized AZEK projects. Our standard design collections as well as customized work guided by your specifications include AZEK pergolas, arbors with gates, and fences ready to integrate seamlessly with your public space landscape projects.

The Walpole commercial pergola or custom arbor you design can be specified in one of more than 100 Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe paint colors. From classic white to deep Verde green, all Walpole AZEK products can be fully customized with an expansive palate of color choices, guaranteed to last for 25 years.

Plus, Walpole can craft a pristine new vinyl pergola or custom arbor in a style that replicates that distinctive wooden structure, offering nuanced wood grain patterns and even wire-brushed finishes. Our arbors with gates and pergolas can be made to look and feel exactly like historic natural wood yet they won't rot, peel, or crack. Honoring the beauty and integrity of many historic landmarks, Walpole and AZEK have together partnered on impactful restoration projects, creating sustainable solutions that preserve the past for future generations.

Collaborate, Conceptualize and Create with Walpole

Housed under one roof, we provide expert, personal service to architects, landscape architects, interior designers, custom home builders, and developers.

As a trusted manufacturer of premium products like pergolas or arbors with gates, we collaborate throughout the entire design and manufacturing process, allowing you to continue to grow and meet your clients’ needs more easily in an increasingly competitive market. From concept to completion, Walpole Outdoors is ready to provide you with unique engineering, CAD and CNC milling, and unparalleled partnership and support throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. 


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Board Fences or Lattice Fencing: Which Suits Your Style?

Posted on 2021-11-22 by Walpole Outdoors

Perhaps you’ve finally created the outdoor oasis you’ve always dreamed of: the perfect pool, a swoonworthy outdoor kitchen, and spectacular gardens. But the close proximity to your neighbors is keeping you from actually enjoying said oasis. Well, with the right fence, you can create your own secluded hideaway, right in your own backyard. Whether you want to enhance your garden, define your perimeter, or feel like you're a world away from the neighbors, a good fence can be an invaluable feature in your outdoor home.

Generally, fences fall into three categories: functional, privacy, and decorative. Typically used to define a property’s perimeter, keep children and pets safe inside, or keep out unwelcome visitors, the right fence can enhance your home’s curb appeal in a big way. But more than merely giving your property an attractive, functional perimeter, the creative use of board or lattice fencing (with details like designer hues, fence caps, or coordinated custom lantern posts or mailbox posts) helps to transform your property into something truly remarkable. With a myriad of materials to choose from, including wood, stone, brick or vinyl—there’s surely a fence style that’s right for you.

Finding Your Fence

Whether it’s establishing safe boundaries, enhancing your garden enclosure, or transporting you to a world away, a fence can check most of the requirements on your priority list. Increasing the footprint of your home, custom fences can be installed alongside a pool, patio or playscape to create intentional areas for entertainment, relaxation, and play.

From cottage to contemporary, your space, material and aesthetic all play an integral role of the fence design end game. Whether you’re drawn to swaths of blooms climbing along a tidy white fence or prefer a handsome cedar and stone perimeter, choosing the right fence can be quite personal.

Depending on your tastes and your goals for your outdoor home, you may find a lattice or board fence to be your best option.

Love for Lattice Fencing

Maybe you are seeking privacy within your property but find most fences are too cookie-cutter for your landscape? Or perhaps you are looking for a way to enclose your yard without the restrictive feel of an opaque barrier? You want to define your property’s full perimeter, create a semi-private patio screen, and enclose your garden in style? Well, there’s a fence for that.

With lattice fences you don’t have to choose between functionality and aesthetics. As a best-of-both-worlds option, there’s plenty to love about lattice. Offering more privacy than traditional picket fencing but a little less confinement than a privacy board fence, many homeowners find lattice to be the ideal middle ground.

Lattice fencing is a well-loved material for its striking combination of form and function. Commonly added as a decorative landscape accent feature or as support for cascading blooms and trailing vines, lattice fencing brings plenty of visual interest possibilities to the table. Perennially popular, lattice fences can be a welcome alternative to stockade, chain-link, or post-and-rail fencing, defining boundaries, providing privacy, and concealing unsightly views (like a garbage disposal unit, generator, or air conditioning system.)

Tightly woven slats of lattice fences allow sunlight to filter through, creating an open atmosphere and airy feel. From crisscross to square hatch, spindle to open weave design lattice fencing offers an easy breezy look that is both elegant and functional. Here, a Lattice-over-Lattice Fence and Double Custom Vinyl Gate offers delightful views of the sprawling lawns while doubling as a safe pool enclosure. Walpole’s custom fencing can be tailored to any aesthetic – with more than 40 different fencing styles to choose from.

Privacy, Please

Should you decide that privacy is top priority, you might consider installing board fences. Marrying beauty and function, board fences can delineate different types of spaces throughout your property to best serve your family’s needs while adding a layer of privacy to your backyard (or rooftop) space. By enclosing your outdoor spaces with custom board fences, you not only protect your investment of time, energy, and effort you have put into curating your space; you transform your space into a secluded hideaway. 

Solid, durable, and built to last, Walpole board fences are handcrafted in low maintenance AZEK. These fences won’t rot, buckle, or sag, and the board-on-board layout guarantees maximum privacy. Available in a variety of styles and in materials with a range of decorative options like lattice panel tops, coordinating mailbox posts or lantern posts, board fences create a stylish and distinctive perimeter around your picturesque space while affording privacy and safety. (We recommend adding on an additional layer of interest to a traditional board fence by topping it with a contrasting panel.) With more than 100 colors of factory-applied Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe paint to choose from, make a statement with bold hues like pewter or cobalt that will pair perfectly alongside a lush green lawn or fall foliage. (TIP: string up some decorative globe lights for an instant twilight entertaining zone.)

Create An Exceptional Outdoor Space with Walpole

Walpole’s extensive line premium outdoor products includes fences, lantern posts and mailbox posts that are long-lasting and distinctive, combining impeccable style with uncompromising quality. Our team of designers are available now to schedule a free measurement and design consultation of your property, so you can get your outdoor project underway! 

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