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Spring Projects Make for Perfect Summer Days by the Pool

Posted on 2021-04-22 by Walpole Outdoors

Fabulous swimming pool? Check. Adjacent patio? Check. Cozy fire pit? Check. Pergola for offering shade, shelter and pool-side privacy? If you have been considering installing a pergola or perhaps new privacy fencing, this year may be the year to do it.

No doubt sunshine and swimming pools are a natural hallmark of summer months.

Surrounded by handsome patios, sun-drenched decks, and lush landscaping, swimming pools across the country will supply more “staycation” enjoyment this summer than ever before. Invite swimmers and sunbathers to your personal poolside retreat this summer by creating a swoon-worthy swimming hole designed with entertaining and relaxation in mind.

More than ever, people are planning a summer spent right at home. And for many, that means making the most of their outdoor spaces. If you are a pool owner, then you already know that the pool area is quite often the focus of much of your summertime outdoor activity. And for good reason. When considering what spring project to tackle this year, upgrading the pool area is a great place to start. Increase your poolside potential by installing a new vinyl pergola, custom AZEK fencing, or a new pool gate to create a truly spectacular backyard escape.

Have It Made In The Shade

With some thoughtful planning, creating an outdoor oasis to entertain friends and family can be easily accomplished with the addition of a vinyl pergola. Pergolas provide a sheltered area for grilling, dining, or reading poolside. And if you’re lucky enough to own a pool, chances are that you’ll want a shady spot to relax in post-dip.

Softening the transition between your home and outdoor space, a vinyl pergola can be installed over a patio, deck, or alongside your pool for the perfect blend of beauty and function. Your pergola’s placement can easily help to delineate various zones, like for eating and entertaining, or designate cozy seating areas throughout your yard.

Adding a vinyl pergola can help you make the most of your outdoor space, no matter the size or scale. In larger spaces, adding a pergola can help you easily define sections of your yard, designating dining and entertaining areas. With a small space, a pergola can create a sense of luxury and intentionality—so that when you entertain outdoors, you’re doing so with a purpose. From traditional to magnificent multi-columned custom radius poolside pergolas, Walpole can create a unique pergola that suits your location and sense of style. 

Enhance your poolside pergola’s structure with hanging baskets, custom planters, or elegant light fixtures to transform your deck into a dreamy outdoor living space. For a simple lighting solution, you can create a sense of ambiance by stringing outdoor holiday decorative lights from the pergola and watch them twinkle from above or by adding a hanging pendant over your seating area to enjoy al fresco dining after dark. If you select a Walpole Outdoors custom pergola, you can work with your designer to have it crafted and installed with integrated writing and lighting for absolutely ideal illumination. Flowering vines like morning glories or wisteria climbing up and along your pergola offer both enhanced privacy and shade. Line the pergola's perimeter with a series of container gardens spilling with bright blooms to soften the deck, making it even more inviting.

Create a Linger-Worthy Space with a Beautiful Custom Fence

Your backyard and pool area should serve as your own personal outdoor oasis. A lack of privacy can certainly throw off the whole vibe. The addition of a custom privacy fence is a simple strategy for buffering noise and creating a secluded outdoor retreat.

A pool fence plays an integral role in the grand swimming pool scheme. While the landscaping, lighting, and various design implements come together to create the mood and experience, it is ultimately the swimming pool fence that contains and shelters it all.

And, we all know the saying, good fences make good neighbors. But great fences make your yard truly memorable. Fencing is much more than merely a functional perimeter. Many go to painstaking lengths to design a fence truly worthy of what lies within its perimeters.

Fortunately, AZEK fencing has taken great strides in both form and function, making it possible (and easy) for you to create a linger-worthy space that remains beautiful year after year. 

With the ability to select designer colors (with a 25-year paint guaranty), fence caps, or custom gates, fully customizable AZEK fencing creates structure for your backyard retreat. A beautiful and style-savvy pool fence can put the finishing touch on the picturesque scene you’ve dreamed of, affording both privacy and safety in a seemingly effortless manner.

Lattice fences go beautifully around pool areas and they can be paired with custom pool gates that perfectly complement their style and welcome guests to go for a swim. Combining practicality with enduring charm, a custom vinyl picket fence blends effortlessly with the architectural style of so many homes. Alternatively, try a fence without pickets for a pool enclosure with an unobstructed view, like this custom Walpole fence. AZEK fencing can house special custom glass or mesh panels to provide safety, security, and a wind barrier for lounging poolside, without skimping on sophistication.

Many homeowners are faced with challenges when selecting pool gates that match their style while meeting the stringent code requirements. Walpole offers a range of pool gates, like this custom contemporary wood and wire gate handcrafted in decay resistant Western Red Cedar outfitted in code-compliant hardware. A Custom Capped Sudbury Fence and matching pool gate can create a charming border around your pool, designed with safety code compliant hardware, specifically for pool gates and for childcare safety areas.

Create Your Own Poolside Hideaway with Walpole

Walpole custom privacy fencing and pool gates are solid, durable, and built to last. Handcrafted in low maintenance AZEK, Walpole’s fences and pool gates won’t rot, buckle, or sag, and the board-on-board layout guarantees maximum privacy.

To ensure that the finished product lives up to your expectations, fencing and gate projects require meticulous measurements, expert design advice, and professional installation. Look for a partner who can provide all three. From consultation to concept to completion, you and your property deserve the best.

Walpole Outdoors specializes in creating amazing outdoor spaces for the most discerning homeowners. They are the leading designers, fabricators, and installers of the highest quality AZEK pergolas, and they offer a wide array of classical, contemporary, and fully customized design in fencing, gates, and outdoor furniture. Walpole designers are available now to schedule a free measurement and design consultation of your property, so you can start planning right now for your spring projects and enjoy the wonderful 2021 you’ve been waiting for. 

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Define Your Office or Business Property with a Distinctive Perimeter

Posted on 2021-04-12 by Walpole Outdoors

In the increasingly competitive world of business, where a single negative review or less-than-perfect experience can send prospective customers (and their dollars) elsewhere, making a good first impression couldn’t be more important. Influencing the way people decide where to eat, what stores to shop at and what neighborhoods to drive through, first impressions – good or bad – are everything.

Making improvements to your business facade can up your foot traffic, improve your customer reviews, and increase the value of your business without necessarily breaking your budget. And investing in the exterior of your property will result with big returns on (you guessed it) the first impression.

Where to Begin?

Welcome guests with a grand entranceway, create a perimeter of privacy, or add an elegant border with a distinctive perimeter. As versatile as it is durable, a fence crafted from AZEK solid cellular PVC (an environmentally friendly synthetic material) is low maintenance, made to last, and completely customizable. Surrounding lush landscapes and large estates, pools, townhouses, or apartment communities, such fences are frequently used in residential projects. But it’s a good idea to consider an AZEK fence when thinking about ways to define your commercial property. Incorporate a board gate for a fantastic way to enhance curb appeal or the entrance to your building’s outdoor enclosed areas. Whether painted crisp white or in designer colors, custom board gates and fences at your place of business can be the very first things that visitors notice. Tell the story of your brand by giving your property a look that matches the quality of your products or services with a custom fence and board gate.

Classic designs with lasting, low-maintenance components makes Walpole Outdoors fences the first choice for businesses all over the country. With more than 40 different fencing styles, Walpole will collaborate with landscape architects to fully realize the vision for a property's exterior, whether you’re looking for a charming Nantucket-inspired picket fence or the ultimate "green" privacy fence. Many landscape architects, architects, and builders choose Walpole specifically for projects that require distinctive, quality presentations, like this nautical post-and-rope fencing style.

After selecting your fence, all that's left is deciding on the perfect gate. Defining this charming outdoor seating area at an ice cream shop, the owner chose a magnificent custom scalloped-topped double gate with matching Victorian lattice side panels partly housed atop a short brick wall. Walpole offers custom vinyl gates in nearly every shape and size imaginable to create a unique and memorable entry.

Fencing Provides Privacy and Security

A well-designed fence provides more than just privacy to a business—it can supply a sense of security, too. Walpole board fences stand tall at apartment complexes, senior living centers, and universities providing both privacy and security for residents and visitors. Superior quality fencing can help protect outdoor storage areas, offering business owners peace of mind. A distinctive perimeter fence can make for an effective entry deterrent but should be no less attractive than it is substantial. For example, this Chesapeake fence painted in a pewter hue offers privacy and security and is easy on the eyes. Or, this New York City Custom Privacy Lattice Fence stand seven feet tall creates a private oasis in the middle of a busy metropolis. Walpole is adept at incorporating custom vinyl gates seamlessly into a substantial privacy fence. This 6-feet high Chesapeake fence and entranceway secure a business area while allowing easy access. 

Incorporating Outdoor Space in The Work Environment

When thinking about any upgrades or improvements to make at your business this upcoming season, consider ways to use fencing to seamlessly integrate an outdoor space for breaks, meals, and outdoor meetings into the work environment.

Recent studies suggest that spending time in nature can result in improved creativity and problem solving, increased focus, and increased happiness. Each of these can dramatically influence overall employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

In fact, according to a 2018 survey completed by outdoor product retailer L.L. Bean, United States workers between the ages of 22 and 65 spend approximately 95 percent of their time indoors, with 87 percent identifying as outdoor enthusiasts. Outdoor work areas can not only provide open space for your employees, but also allow them to get that much-needed breath of fresh benefitting both cognitive functions and overall well-being.

Creating a terrace – large or small – with a custom AZEK fence allows employees to take calls or host private meetings, get some sun or just enjoy a few meditative moments during the workday. Well planned spaces delineated by an AZEK fence can offer adequate distance between movable seating configurations allowing for different groups to utilize the terrace simultaneously. 

Even if retrofitting your current workspace to include an outdoor terrace, courtyard or deck is not an easy option, you might consider delineating an outdoor common space, simply created with an AZEK fence to enclose a section of sidewalk, alley space, or open ground adjacent to your building. The benefits of spending work hours outdoors include better productivity, improved focus, enhanced creativity, and even improved health and wellbeing for your employees.

Already have a designated outdoor space at your business? Custom lattice fences can enhance your courtyard, patio or deck with a simple yet elegant architectural feature, instantly adding­­­ visual interest and tying together your entire outdoor appearance. Made of metal or AZEK solid cellular vinyl, lattice fences (or simple lattice kits) are generally an inexpensive option to incorporate into your business’ exterior projects. And, with so many styles and colors to choose from, Walpole’s custom lattice fences outfitted with custom vinyl gates can complement your already existing architecture. 


Use lattice fences as dividers between areas in your outdoor space, creating individual seating pods that allow for safe distancing. Throw up some umbrellas to provide ample shade, ensuring that employees stay comfortable during extended periods of outdoor time. Lattice fences will allow air and light filter through, offering an inviting and warm ambiance and, once again, encourage the use of your business’ outdoor area.

If you’re ready to define the perimeter and character of your place of business, Walpole can develop a solution that matches your needs and makes an amazing impression on your employees, customers, and visitors. Discover the difference quality craftsmanship and impeccable design make. Discover Walpole Outdoors today. 

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Create a Standout Outdoor Dining & Bar Experience at Your Business

Posted on 2021-03-10 by Walpole Outdoors

More than ever, restaurateurs need to be creative. With seating limitations, diner wariness, and a big shift to takeout, eat-in establishments never had it so tough. From setting out tables on sidewalks, in parking lots and alleys, and even on streets partially closed to traffic, al fresco dining has become a standard throughout most of the country.

With the welcome arrival of spring, restaurants can see the proverbial light at the end of tunnel. Restaurateurs who have been nimble and innovative in setting up unique outdoor spaces to accommodate their guests have seen increased profits at their bars and restaurants, in spite of the global pandemic. This season, you can position your restaurant or bar with a beautiful outdoor-dining space to capture your diners’ appetites and imaginations and keep them coming back for more.

Sidestep what everyone else is doing (think igloos and picnic tables) with truly standout custom spaces that are both elegant and unforgettable.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Dining outdoors offers the chance to slow down and relax. And while there may not be actual proven scientific evidence to back it up, food and drinks just taste better when enjoyed outside (and your customers know it).

Easily one of the most visually appealing ways to level up your outdoor experience, commercial pergolas can offer shelter from inclement weather, enhance the overall atmosphere of your outdoor dining space, and provide room for additional seating. Plus, there’s nothing like a gorgeous AZEK pergola to draw visual attention to your business.

Imagine your customers stepping outside onto a swoon-worthy outdoor space, complete with a pergola with built-in lighting. Add music and lush greenery to create the perfect atmosphere that draws diners in droves — not only your regulars, but also passers-by who are attracted by the sight of happy customers. This simple addition of a pergola can transform even the most unremarkable patio bar or sidewalk dining area into an unforgettable place to eat and drink. And that diner impression has real value: according to The Simons Advisory Group, a $200,000 investment in your outdoor dining space can result in an overall sales increase by $500,000—possibly more if your restaurant offers year-round outdoor seating.

Think your place isn’t right for a pergola? You may need to think again: Sidewalk café? A gorgeous, attached pergola out front can drive foot traffic. Rooftop Restaurant? A pergola with built-in lighting provides the perfect backdrop for private events. Long-overdue live music? Put the band under your new pergola. Outdoor seating is the best kind of advertisement for your business. Not only do pergolas a premium outdoor lighting create a great environment for snapping shareable pics of your establishment, anyone driving or walking by your outdoor dining space can easily imagine sipping sangria on your perfect pergola-covered patio. That can really add up: outdoor seating lifts revenue by 33% on average.

Attached or freestanding—commercial pergolas undoubtedly offer increased value. Add a pergola outfitted with recessed column lighting to encourage evening socializing. Allow greenery to climb up your pergola with artfully-designed built-in planter boxes. And create a dreamy atmosphere with custom latticework and artfully placed lantern posts throughout your outdoor dining space for the ultimate outside veranda.


A Pergola For All Seasons

Some of the features of premium commercial pergolas can mean that contending with harsh weather elements is no longer deal-breaker. During the warmer months, pergolas provide much-needed shade and a respite from high temperatures. Unlike a simple awning, a pergola diffuses natural light, creating a light and airy space that keeps your diners cool, calm, and comfortable. Even when temps continue to rise in the heat of the season, commercial pergolas can block that intense sunshine that might otherwise limit your outdoor dining offerings.

When the weather does not cooperate, the addition of a retractable pergola canopy or shade can protect your diners from intense sun and light rain and help to keep your patio or rooftop open for business, therefore maximizing your outdoor investment. When accompanied with fencing or latticework, a pergola can also significantly reduce the impact of wind. 

As the months turn colder, commercial pergolas with canopy additions can allow your business to continue to provide an outdoor dining experience by retaining the heat generated by outdoor space heaters. And in the winter season, a pergola is simply magical when outfitted with outdoor lanterns, holiday lights, and evergreens.  

Lure Them with Lighting

When it comes to outdoor dining, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of lighting. The exterior of your restaurant is the very first thing your potential clientele will see. Utilize outdoor lighting as an opportunity to showcase your restaurant, drive foot traffic and increase your profitability.

Make a statement and install elegant granite lantern posts topped with beautiful outdoor lanterns throughout your outdoor dining space. Walpole Outdoors offers an extensive selection of custom-milled, granite or AZEK lantern posts in traditional, historic, and contemporary styles. With quality detailing that is truly the hallmark of Walpole excellence, our handsome lantern posts can transform your space into something quite exceptional.

Elevate Your Outdoor Dining Space With Walpole Outdoors

Define an entryway, provide privacy and shade, and create an unforgettable outdoor space at your restaurant with our expansive selection of custom AZEK commercial pergolas, lantern posts and outdoor lanterns.  Crafted and installed by Walpole Outdoors, you can choose from any of our stylish design lines or let our artisans match your restaurant’s architecture.

If you’re ready to transform your outdoor space and create the outdoor dining and bar experiences your customers crave, we can develop a solution that matches your needs. Discover the difference quality craftsmanship makes and schedule your free consultation today with Walpole Outdoors. 

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