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Pergola Possibilities: More Than Throwing Shade

Posted on 2022-02-14 by Walpole Outdoors

Popular for both their form and function, pergolas are a versatile outdoor architectural element. Scroll through any outdoor design magazine and you’ll see them peppered throughout dreamy backyard living spaces, providing shade, comfort, and style to many a lucky homeowner. But pergolas, like the AZEK vinyl pergolas created by Walpole, are good for so much more than simply shade. Read on to learn how AZEK pergolas can bring a whole new definition to your outdoor space. 


An Entrance with Distinction

A custom vinyl pergola like this one defines the home’s entryway with style and architectural interest, but entrance pergolas don’t need to be grand in scale. Even a modest front porch gets a big aesthetic boost from the addition of a pergola. Whether you go big or small, a front-entry pergola is a simple way to add flair to your home’s facade. Add in a vinyl fence and an AZEK gate and you can substantially increase your home’s curb appeal without major renovations.


A Sense of Passage

The most popular use for pergolas is over dining, seating, or other gathering spaces in your backyard. But a pathway pergola creates an outdoor passageway, perfect for thematically connecting one area of your yard to another. A pathway pergola is equally at home as a side entrance to a backyard, a connection from your main home to a guest home or pool house, or a stylish entry that leads from your driveway to your front door. For secure backyard entries, it’s possible to pair a pergola with an AZEK gate, creating a unique and beautiful garden entry that keeps pets and children in and uninvited guests out. 


A Frame for Urban Views

First and foremost, this custom vinyl pergola and board fence provide shade and privacy, a desirable commodity in any city. Moreover, painted in a soft, Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe brown, it frames and complements the urban skyline, adding definition and separate zones to an otherwise blank rooftop canvas. In settings like this one, AZEK vinyl pergolas are a smart choice. Rooftop patios inherently have increased exposure to the elements and air pollutants. AZEK pergolas are made of high-quality, low-maintenance PVC, which looks and feels like wood but lasts years longer. They’re also far easier to clean than wood pergolas, and don’t rot, chip, warp, or crack—which means fewer maintenance workers traipsing through the apartment for repairs.

A Poolside Oasis

A well-placed pergola can draw people to use other areas surrounding the pool, rather than just remain on one side, which not only creates more usable space but adds visual interest and definition. From a user standpoint, this placement invites you to step further from your home (and the distractions and chores that await within it) and into a true, private oasis—even if only for a short while. AZEK pergolas like the one above are a good choice here, too. Since the vinyl lattice backing encourages climbing plants, AZEK will better withstand not only the elements and pool water, but the wear and tear associated with vine growth. A pergola and lattice combination like this one can also perform double duty as a boundary to your pool; add in an AZEK gate and you’re ready for a safe summer. 


A Stunning Spa

A custom vinyl pergola is a perfect addition to an outdoor spa, creating a secluded and intimate space perfect for relaxing day or night. The stunning ones above are custom-crafted AZEK vinyl pergolas, stepped and joined to create a sense of majesty, but you don’t need to think this big when it comes to your own spa design (unless, of course, you want to). Even a smaller-scale pergola offers the style, function, and intimacy that will bring your spa to the next level of luxury.


A Horticulturalist’s Dream 

Gardeners of all levels will swoon over a dedicated spot for wisteria, clematis, honeysuckle, and other climbing flowers and vines. The custom, wide-set vinyl lattice in the one above creates extra room for growth while still letting ample light in, and the pergola defines a dedicated space for a planted garden bed beneath it. 


It should come as no surprise that the designers at Walpole love pergolas, and with so many options, it’s easy to see why. Most importantly, a well-designed and installed pergola extends your living space and increases the amount of time you spend outside. When you add a canopy or retractable shade, your space becomes all the more inviting. If you’re considering adding an entrance, poolside, garden, or pathway pergola to your home, please give us a call for a free consultation. At Walpole Outdoors, we want you to love your landscape.

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Arch Support: Incorporating AZEK arbors into your landscape designs

Posted on 2022-02-04 by Walpole Outdoors

Impressing clients with a great finished landscape design project is a good feeling and a big professional win. Once the spaces and structures you’ve designed are delivered and installed, your clients can start living out the excitement that started when you first showed them your sketches and schematics of gardens, dining areas, and walkways with lush flowers, AZEK arbors, and architectural elegance tying everything together. Satisfied customers mean good recommendations and repeat business.


But as an experienced professional, you know that your work started before those inspiring drawings. In fact, it started long before the customer even contacted you. Your ability to plan and create in your clients’ outdoor areas is the result of keeping your own knowledge of premium materials, products, and processes strong. It requires having a toolkit of versatile, practical go-to options in your head and the confidence that you can get make them real. If AZEK arbors aren’t already part of your project planning arsenal, they should be. This article will show you several important reasons why.


Why Arbors?

Flat-topped or arched, slatted or spindled – arbors are one of the most versatile landscape design elements. As grand, airy outdoor doorways, arbors create transitions like no other piece can. Entrances to enclosures around gardens, pool areas, and patios become more elegant and exciting when framed with a decorative arbor.


By designing an appropriate custom arbor (or selecting an existing style from a premium manufacturer’s design collections), you can direct traffic, frame scenic views, add vertical structure, and shade sitting or dining areas. A custom arbor can also be a destination and focal point of its own, providing a handsome architectural accent or turning an otherwise-empty side yard into an interesting transitional space.


Beyond these design considerations, financial priorities can also make arbors attractive options for both your clients and your own bottom line. Clients who initially imagine a pergola may be better served by an arbor, particularly in cases where a high-quality vinyl pergola might put the overall cost of the project out-of-budget, or simply be too large for the space. An AZEK arbor can also be an excellent addon to larger projects (perhaps creating a great transition to another area of the property and setting the stage for next year’s project). You shouldn’t overlook the opportunity to suggest arbors as improvements to existing fences, walkways, and enclosures, or to be a standalone project when something bigger might need to be put off for a year or two. After all, developing long-term relationships with clients who intend to keep investing in their outdoor spaces is a win-win for both of you.


A fully synthetic form of cellular PVC, AZEK is known to many architects and designers primarily as a trim, flooring, or accent material. But in the hands of the right manufacturer, the full potential of AZEK comes through for you and your clients, providing the look and finish of real wood while providing decades of sturdy, low-maintenance structural beauty.


Not so long ago, when clients and professional heard about a “synthetic fence” or “vinyl pergola,” they might have thought of a hollow, plasticky product, or one that lacked the rigidity and strength to be made into large structures. But things have changed, and hopefully your knowledge of improved options is up to date. In particular, AZEK products made by Walpole Outdoors are engineered, handcrafted, and reinforced for stability, longevity, and impeccable style. They may occasionally be referred to as “vinyl,” but the difference is clear to any discerning homeowner or design pro.


Why Walpole Outdoors?

To smoothly and capably integrate AZEK arbors into your designs and executions, the importance of a good working partnership with the #1 fabricator of AZEK structures cannot be overstated. With a wide range of design collections, exceptional collaboration and customization capabilities, and nationwide jobsite delivery, Walpole Outdoors has been the creating top quality spaces and structures for over 85 years.


In the New England facility of this leading fabricator of AZEK solid cellular PVC, the material is milled and carved with the same care and precision as premium hardwoods. Reinforced with internal metal supports, Walpole’s unique expertise allows the creation of stunning AZEK arbors, railings, pergolas, and other premium products. They even arrive at your jobsite factory-painted in over 100 Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe colors, including a 25-year paint warranty. Walpole’s AZEK products are even manufactured to be easier to assemble and install. So you may be able to delegate the final step of installing and finishing your vinyl pergola or arbor project to fewer and less specialized workers, saving cost and time while remaining confident of the end results.


Inspiring projects using AZEK Arbors

Above all (no pun intended), AZEK solid cellular PVC arbors offer you and your clients endless possibilities to make something you’ll both be proud of. Check out these examples, incorporating both custom arbor designs and prefabricated arbors from Walpole Outdoors design collections: 


  • Standard Verde Green Sheffield Arbor: This spindle top arbor from the Walpole Outdoors Sheffield collection is easily adapted to the grade of this hilly yard. And despite sun, weather, and climbing vegetation, it will keep its beautiful color and finish for decades.
  • Seaside Custom Moon Gate: A gated arbor that combines eye-catching curves above and below creates a truly dramatic statement.
  • Gallery Arbor: A series of arbor arches can be laid out in close sequence with open or joined sides for a range of effects and functions, from grape arbors to enclosed walkways.
  • Historic Restoration Pergola and Gallery Arbor: Often confused with each other, arbors and pergolas also work beautifully together. The coordinated style and sturdy structure of this Walpole handcrafted custom pergola and its accompanying gallery arbor replace an irretrievably deteriorated wood structure.
  • Special Formal Decorative Arbor with Bench : Arbors can evoke the sense of being in an outdoor room. Here, the unrivaled craftsmanship of Walpole made it possible for a designer to create this magnificent garden backdrop and sitting area.


Contact Walpole Outdoors to learn more about how we help design professionals with projects of all sizes.


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Amazing Approaches Series: Curb Appeal Entryways

Posted on 2022-01-20 by Walpole Outdoors

Our homes represent a reflection of ourselves—where we are from, how we live, our signature styles, even who we are. With that in mind, a home’s facade is the most outward expression of those ideals—and the first impression to guests and passersby alike. Whether seen from the street, sidewalk, or moving vehicle, a home’s curb appeal (or lack thereof) sets the expectations of the experience and people within. The common thread that sets some homes’ curb appeal apart comes down to the details, and with the right ones, the impact of the end result is usually far greater than the sum of its parts. 


If your goal is to elevate your home’s approach from simply average to amazing, don’t underestimate the power of outdoor entry details—specifically driveway gates and entryway pergolas. Whether you choose a beautiful, prefabricated product or create a unique, custom driveway gate, your options are nearly limitless when it comes to personal style. For a little inspiration, and to get your creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled a few of our favorites below. 

Driveway Gates

While driveway gates ultimately exist for functional purposes, they’re extensions of the home they protect nonetheless. In most cases, they’re the very first impression. Tall, sculptured driveway gates add a sense of drama, minimalistic styles add clean lines to modern architecture, and both classic picket and rustic board and rail gates add a finishing touch to colonial and farmhouse homes. To amp up your home’s aesthetic, your style choice should blend seamlessly with both your architecture and the flow of your property. 



Photo: https://walpoleoutdoors.com/custom-projects/fences-and-gates/drive-and-pedestrian-gates


This custom driveway gate by Walpole Outdoors blends horizontal and vertical boards, extending the style to the pedestrian gate to its right. Soft green paint picks up the awnings and foliage, while brick posts coordinate with both the home’s edifice and driveway pavers. Custom curved hardware adds the final detail for a gate that hints at private courtyard charm within. 


Photo: https://walpoleoutdoors.com/custom-projects/fences-and-gates/chestnut-hill-entrance-gate


Classic pickets enhance the New England styling and keep the home visible, while long, sweeping end curves mimic the rolling landscape in this Walpole Outdoors Chestnut Hill Entrance Gate.



Photo: https://walpoleoutdoors.com/custom-projects/fences-and-gates/universal-driveway-gate-and-fence


The clean lines of this universal board entry gate, made in low-maintenance AZEK cellular PVC, effortlessly blend sophistication with security, making it at home in both classic and contemporary designs. 



Photo: https://walpoleoutdoors.com/custom-projects/fences-and-gates/simple-morgan-post-and-rail-gate


This simple Morgan Post & Rail gate brings a dignified, open, and airy look to this country home. 



Photo: https://walpoleoutdoors.com/custom-projects/fences-and-gates/custom-contemporary-entrance-gates


Subtle and sophisticated, this contemporary custom driveway gate is crafted in AZEK and finished in black for muted refinement that highlights the natural landscape and implies an artful experience awaiting within. 



Entryway Pergolas


Most people consider pergolas a backyard patio or garden feature with good reason. Beautiful and functional, a well-placed pergola is akin to adding an outdoor room to your home. Less considered but equally appealing, custom vinyl pergolas are an excellent way to add allure and interest to the front of your home. Whether used as a portico alternative or to extend your home’s porch, an entryway pergola is a simple addition that brings major ROI to your curb appeal. 


Custom vinyl pergolas, like the one above by Walpole Outdoors, add a distinctive presence. An arched line over the front door guides guests in, while the covered seating area invites them to stay.




Photo: https://walpoleoutdoors.com/custom-projects/pergolas-and-arbors/custom-azek-entry-pergola



Your Project Deserves a Great Partner

Looking to up the wow factor of your home? Walpole offers a wide range of custom vinyl pergolas and driveway gates that can be tailored to your personal style and enhance your existing architecture. Our team of designers is available now to schedule a free measurement and design consultation of your property, so no need to wait. Give us a call today!


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