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Where Do I Install My Oudoor Lamp Post?

Posted on 2022-10-11 by Walpole Outdoors

Where Do I Install My Outdoor Lamp Post?

One of the best things you can do for the safety and beauty of your home is to install an outdoor light. But where is the best place to install it?

Fall is upon us and so are earlier and earlier sunsets. With the sun going down before most people leave the office having a well-lit driveway and walkway is essential for the safety of your, your family, and guests coming to your home. This becomes even more important in the winter if you live somewhere where ice and snow are prevalent. You don’t want to have to try and walk to your door without being able to see if ice is lining your path. You also don’t want a delivery driver slipping and falling on your property because it was too dark!

The best, and easiest, way to add some light to your home’s exterior is with a simple lantern and post. Lantern posts can be installed just about anywhere and provide much-needed illumination to the darkest areas of your yard. Lanterns and posts are also a great addition to your daytime look and always add some much-needed curb appeal.

So where are the best places to install your new lantern and post?

At The End Of The Driveway

Lantern posts can go anywhere but one of the most popular locations is the end of your driveway. Adding some kind of light to the end of your driveway is great if you live somewhere dark where your driveway often gets missed. 

This is also a great way to add your house number in a prominent, well-lit place so people can find your home with ease. This kind of placement is great for the fall and winter but will also be helpful in the warmer months during the evening.

If you have a short driveway you may be able to get away with a single post at the end and a lantern by the front door. If you have a long driveway you can add one to the end and then one more in the middle to add even more light.

At The Beginning Of The Walkway

If you need more light for safety you will want to place a lantern post at the beginning of the walkway or higher up in the driveway. This lantern placement is meant to be where people will be walking the most. If you have a walkway your lantern should be right at the beginning to make it easy to find. 

If you don’t have a specific walkway you still want to provide some illumination where people are walking the most. You can add a post to your grass alongside the driveway at the place most people exit their vehicles. This is essential for helping people see where to walk and identify any hazards that may be a result of inclement weather.

Along A Long Driveway or Walkway

If you have a long driveway or walkway one lantern post might not cut it – you may have to opt for a series of lamp posts to provide the most safety. Do a survey of your property during the dead of night to see where light would be the most helpful. You want to space out your lantern posts so that there is light to guide the way. If you space them out too much they are much less effective. If you space them too close together you will spend more money than you need to. Think about the lantern style you like and approximate the breadth of the light it will give off to plan.

Final Thoughts

If you have a home you could probably use a lantern or lantern post, no matter how big or small. Adding exterior light is a great way to add some style to your home while also making it easier for everyone to come and go safely.

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How to Style Your Lamp Post for the Holidays

Posted on 2022-10-04 by Walpole Outdoors

What’s better than decorating for the holidays? Whether you start with the fall or wait until the Christmas season, there is no limit to your holiday creativity. If you want to get noticed, make sure you include your lamp post in your 2022 decor plans.

One of the best things about the fall and winter is that they are prime time for holiday decorating. Even if you don’t go all out there are a few places you can add a touch of the holiday spirit to the exterior of your home. One of these places is your lamp or lantern post. 

Maybe you have multiple lantern posts or perhaps you only have one. Regardless, there is a lot you can do to add touches of holiday fun in a place where they will get noticed day and night. If you don’t have any ideas on where to start don’t worry! Here are a few ways you can easily add some holiday cheer to the outside of your home.

Wreaths & Bows

One of the easiest ways to add some fun to your lantern post is to add something that you can attach to the post itself like a wreath or bow. These are great options if you want something simple and easy to remove.

Wreaths are not solely for the Christmas season, you can get a wreath that is suitable for just about every season. Simply create or purchase your wreath and attach it to your lantern post with a hook or zip ties that you can easily cut off. If you install some kind of hook you can easily change out your wreath as the seasons change.

If you would rather add a bow, make sure you pick something large enough to be seen from afar. Also, be sure any bow or adornment is waterproof so it can last throughout the season and into the next year. If you live somewhere with snow make sure you place the bow or adornment higher on the post so they don’t get damaged if there is heavy snowfall.

Flowers & Base Decor

If you have a green thumb (or can pick out a great premade arrangement) decorating the base of your lantern post with flowers can be striking! Whether you choose real flowers or fake ones, a small garden around your lantern post can be a great way to decorate for the holidays. If you choose real plants make sure you choose something that is in season so it lasts as long as possible. You don’t want to spend time planting flowers that die during the first freeze!

If you want to go a step further add some pumpkins and maybe a planter or two! During the Christmas or winter season add a couple of faux gifts, short evergreen trees, and more. This is a free space in a prominently seen area of your home, be free to make any scene you desire.

Lights & Garland

Your lantern post may have a light on top but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there! One simple way to add a little something extra to your decor is to wrap some string lights around the lantern post. You can choose simple white lights or go for something more festive in December.

If you add some string lights why not add a bit of seasonal garland as well? During the fall season choose something with fall leaves or corn stalks and during the winter go for some faux holly or evergreens. Just make sure anything you add to the lights won’t catch fire if you leave them on for a few hours.

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong when decorating for the holidays! Using the more prominent exterior fixtures is a great way to add some fun to your home during the holiday season. Even if you choose a more minimalist approach, the lantern post is a great space for adding decorative touches without being too much.

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The Perfect Outdoor Light For Your Home

Posted on 2022-10-03 by Walpole Outdoors

As the days grow shorter we all start relying on our exterior lighting to safely travel to and from our homes. This is also the time of the year when we realize that our outdoor lighting could use a serious upgrade. If you want to make a change, what outdoor light do you choose?

There are a lot of options when it comes to exterior lighting and all of them are great at serving their distinct purpose. But not every lantern style is right for every homeowner. It all depends on the size of your property, the layout and your own personal style. Some homes require extensive lighting to create a safe path from a long driveway to the front door while others only require a lantern by the door or by the start of the path.

When choosing a lantern you want to make sure you are choosing something that will match the style of your home but also look great year after year. That is why more traditional, classic lantern styles tend to be the best sellers.

Post Mount Lanterns

One of the most popular choices for homeowners all over the country are post mount lanterns. These are lanterns that are mounted on a freestanding post. You can place these kinds of lanterns anywhere you like to create a lighted path. Some homeowners even utilize these kinds of lanterns as more of a design element for day as well as night.

When selecting a post mount lantern you first have to choose what style lantern post you like. Lantern posts are generally crafted in a white cellular vinyl material but can be painted with vinyl safe paint to better suit your home. Lantern posts all have a very similar, simple design with details that vary. 

Our most popular design is the Hammond Lantern Post, a simple post that features four recessed panels. This post works with lanterns of any style and can be fitted with a sign bracket to display a name or home number.

Another popular style is the statuesque Arlington Pillar Post. This lantern post is wider than the Hammond with recessed panels on two sides. This post maintains the same width throughout the majority of its height. This is also a versatile style that looks good with all sorts of lanterns and placements.

If you are looking at installing more than one post mount lantern your best bet is to choose a post and lantern style and stick with it. You don’t want to install lighting that does not match!

Side Mount Lanterns

If you already have a post mount lantern that you like or the front of your property isn’t very expansive you should look for a side mount lantern. These are lanterns that attach to your home itself and not a post. You can place one of these at the front entrance or embrace symmetry and place one on either side of the doorway. All of our side mount lanterns are classic designs that will maintain relevance and beauty for years to come.

A great example of a classic side mount lantern is the Beacon Lantern. This lantern is a traditional single bulb lantern enclosed in glass. This design of this particular lantern makes it a great choice for both side mount and post mount. In fact, many homeowners will purchase one of each so their exterior lighting matches perfectly. This is also a great choice if you want something with a lot of glass and not as much visible metal.

Another example of a great side mount lantern is the Montgomery Lantern. This rectangular lantern is crafted in brass and affixes to the home on one side. This is also an attractive option if you are looking for something a little more historical looking with two bulbs.

Final Thoughts

Before you commit to a certain lantern or post style make a plan for where you want them to be placed. Placement makes a big difference in what style you will ultimately choose. When you are selecting a lantern think about what will provide enough light and what design will age the best with your home. Choosing something timeless will ensure that your exterior selections never start to look outdated.

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