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Shaping the Outdoor Spaces of Your Country Club with Large Structures

Posted on 2021-10-24 by Walpole Outdoors

It should go without saying that your country club is beautiful, with beautiful grounds that feel open and airy. But leaving your outdoor areas too open and unstructured can yield a feeling of emptiness or exposure, rather than the elegant, structured environment that helps ensure a great member experience. To define and enhance the outdoor environment of your club, you should create or update areas that serve as focal points for activity, relaxation, and purposeful flow. Premium quality, stylish structures like custom picket fencing, a vinyl arbor, walk gates, or an entryway pergola can impress visitors and existing members alike, increasing curb appeal and raising both the practical enjoyment and the perceived value of membership.

Being Selective: Not all Structures are Equal

If you are considering upgrading your country club’s outdoor space, you need to consider the total effect of the project. Of course, you’ll require top-quality products that are beautifully designed. But you need to ensure that the spaces you create enhance the way members enter, move about, and spend time at your club. Working with your design consultant, you have the opportunity to create a great impression with both new and existing members every time they encounter the structures and spaces you create.

Pergolas: Effortlessly Grand Entryways

One of easiest and most distinctive ways to create an impressive entryway is with a custom designed pergola. Consisting of beams, rafters, and posts, pergolas offer a solution to outdoor spaces that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, effectively creating a “room” in the open air.

Entryway pergolas serve as an outdoor grand front hall or foyer, turning walkway or patio space into something truly magnificent, like this beautiful creation by Walpole Outdoors at the Farm Neck Golf Club on Martha’s Vineyard. As the very first thing your clientele will notice, framing your entry with an elegant pergola is like rolling out the red carpet for your next big event. Why? Entrances are everything – they set the tone for every visit, building your guests’ anticipation for what’s to come. Whether painted in a classic white or coated in a designer hue, the addition of an entryway pergola at your country club is a fantastic way to enhance your club’s curb appeal, especially for prospective members scouting you out. And let’s face it – you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Classic for Good Reason: Picket Fencing and gates

Charming, iconic, and timeless –picket fences are no doubt a slice of classic Americana. Hearkening back to the days of homesteading, the white picket fence remains the epitome of classic, effortless beauty and charm. Perfect for defining spaces, whether dining, gathering or pool areas, without obstructing those idyllic views, the custom picket fencing and the many styles of entry and walk gates that allow guests through it (often enhanced with a vinyl arbor) can be tailored to any design, style, or material.

No surprise that picket fencing is frequently used in country club architecture and landscape design. While a traditional picket fence will never go out of style, there are many ways to put a distinctive design touch on your club’s perimeter and the way you define areas within it using custom picket fencing. This Yorktown picket fence provides handsome design and clean structure, and a Picket fences can also be integrated with stone or brick walls for a particularly imposing-but-stylish barrier or clubhouse extension, such as this use of Walpole’s Brentwood Spindle Picket fencing.

You can blend classic with contemporary, simple with sophisticated –Walpole’s wide selection of custom picket fencing crafted from AZEK solid cellular PVC (an environmentally friendly synthetic material) are equally low maintenance, durable, and completely customizable.

Arbors Above, Beauty Below

Arbors, with or without walk gates, create lovely passages across fenced areas in the hedge and garden areas of your club. Consider the addition of an arbor or two when thinking about ways easily enhance the charm of a stroll around your grounds. Configured into the framework of any fence design, an AZEK solid cellular vinyl arbor brings vertical interest, makes a grand entrance, enhances a walkway, and creates shady retreats throughout your property. From classic to contemporary, Walpole offers a wide range of beautiful, low-maintenance arbors to complement its variety of custom picket fencing. Engineered to last longer than other wood alternatives while offering the most natural hardwood look, a premium Walpole vinyl arbor offers unrivaled high-performance and beauty your members will appreciate for generations to come.

Is your country club ready for an upgrade?

Choosing the right partner to improve your club’s outdoor spaces while remaining true to your style may seem challenging. But with Walpole Outdoors, you can expect stunning outdoor structures and spaces that will stand the test of time and delight even your most jaded members. If you’re ready to enhance your club’s space, we can develop a comprehensive plan and product selection that matches your needs and exceeds your expectations, from consultation to concept to completion. Discover the difference uncompromising craftsmanship, unmistakable quality, and impeccable style can make for your club environment. Discover Walpole Outdoors today.

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Beyond the Picket Fence - Bringing Contemporary Designs to Your Backyard

Posted on 2021-10-03 by Walpole Outdoors

“Less is more.” First coined by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe nearly two centuries ago, this phrase summing up the minimalist approach has pervaded pop culture in recent years. With a renewed focus on minimalism in fashion, design and even lifestyle (think Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’), this simplistic, efficient, streamlined approach to everything from makeup to furniture certainly has its advantages. Upholding this idea that less is more, contemporary design appeals to a range of homeowners, yard enthusiasts, and design-lovers alike. Offering something outside of the white-picket-fence-box, contemporary landscape design has been one of the top pinned, grammed and shared styles in recent years. And for good reason. Clean lines and a streamlined design serve as the framework for contemporary outdoor design, integrating natural elements like wood and stone that build easily off the already-existing landscape.

Following the hay day of both modern design and the arts and crafts movement, contemporary style emerged in the latter half of the 20th century. Blending sustainable materials with dramatic visuals, it’s no surprise that the contemporary aesthetic is still a favorite today. Its universal appeal works well with even the most colonial of homes, offering a refreshing juxtaposition to a traditional architectural style.

From New England to nouveau, the space, aesthetic, and materials chosen all play an integral role of the landscape design end game. Does your heart go pitter patter for swaths of roses climbing along a crisp white lattice? Or perhaps cedar and stone speak your language? The truth is – style is quite personal. And if you find yourself wondering what’s beyond the picket fence, you might consider contemporary. It’s eclectic, yet purposeful. Informal, yet structural. While there are no hard and fast rules to contemporary design, it’s also not just a hodgepodge of styles. Simply put, contemporary design is all of the stylistic qualities of present-day aesthetics.

Shaded to Perfection

When thinking about your landscape design, you might consider the layout, materials, and general aesthetic. But are you really thinking about a contemporary way of living? For example, if you have an active family with small children, you might consider creating play zones to keep the sports off your terrace. Or perhaps your inner yogi is seeking a quiet place for renewal and meditation. A hidden arbor-covered corner can offer you all of the Zen your Kripalu-heart desires. Do you like to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening? Install a sleek AZEK pergola to make an outdoor seating area where you can sip under the stars.

Contemporary pergolas flip the script on traditional design with an eclectic use of materials and a careful mix of textures. A contemporary AZEK pergola can offer your patio or deck a right-this-minute transformation with streamlined visuals, minimalist sensibilities, and on-trend color palettes. Go against the grain and create your own, distinctive take on a pergola. Need a muse? Here, western Red Cedar and stainless-steel lathing work in tandem to create a distinctive (and enviable) contemporary outdoor dining space shading both a kitchen and seating area. The sunlight streaming in through narrow slats overhead and the resulting shadows are a dreamy bonus.

Slatted and airy, this pergola provides structure to the poolside spaces without confinement. The stone columns are the crowning jewel of the sleek, custom Western Red Cedar Pergola. When planning your AZEK pergola design, look to linear details, interesting angles, and surprising materials for a streamlined aesthetic. Integrate custom built-in lighting to your already stunning AZEK pergola for a swoon worthy outdoor space perfect for a quiet night in or entertaining friends and family. Walpole’s line of contemporary pergolas can be customized with a palette of more than 100 color choices in vinyl safe paint from Sherwin Williams, with a 25-year warranty.

Vertical definition

Add style and panache with a clean, contemporary arbor. Vinyl arbors create intimacy and interest, and they also anchor your space, offering a design solution that’s both functional and easy on the eyes. Here this Walpole elliptical arbor transforms the garden from meh to magnificent with curved custom vinyl gates. To keep things visually interesting, Walpole’s selection of vinyl arbors offers a combination of refined finishes and vertical definition to enhance any outdoor space.

Whether you’re marking the entrance, framing a pathway, or carving out a garden room, vinyl arbors are an instrumental tool in the landscape design toolbelt. Why? They are incredibly versatile, they create a dramatic focal point, and they make the kind of first impression that makes your friends jealous. Plus, Walpole’s custom vinyl arbors and custom vinyl gates can be tailored to reflect your personal style.

Because it's likely the most visible element in the landscape design, your arbor sets the tone for your space. This custom Moon Arbor would probably look out of place in a small English rose garden with a picket fence, where a more traditional garden arbor flanked by lattice and a white finish would better fit in. Conversely, a spindle top arbor might not be the ideal choice for a coolly minimalistic rock garden, where strength and solidity rule. Whether putting the finishing touch on your customized design or serving as a sophisticated stand-alone statement, Walpole's extensive line of commercial pergolas, custom vinyl arbors and custom vinyl gates offer a versatile solution for discerning homeowners.

From the colonial gateways to the contemporary pergolas, Walpole’s extensive line of carefully crafted outdoor products is long-lasting and distinctive. Completely customizable, built to last, and offer little-to-no maintenance, Walpole’s custom vinyl gates, arbors and pergolas come signed, sealed, and delivered in one of more than 100 Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe paint colors. Walpole Outdoors specializes in creating incredible outdoor spaces. Our team of designers are available now to schedule a free measurement and design consultation of your property, so you can get your outdoor project underway! 

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Partner with a Manufacturer of Premium Outdoor Structures on Your Next Contract

Posted on 2021-09-12 by Walpole Outdoors

With ever-evolving client needs and the growing demand for both instant gratification and finished projects that stand the test of time, it’s getting more challenging for architects and designers to meet (and to exceed) client expectations. Many forward-thinking pros are building purposeful partnerships to expand and support their own capabilities and to maximize client excitement and satisfaction. As a manufacturer with a reputation for unmatched quality in residential and commercial pergolas, fencing, gates, and other outdoor structure, Walpole Outdoors is an excellent example of such a partner for design professionals.

For decades, Walpole has been working directly with architects and landscape designers to create premium products and beautiful finished outdoor spaces for the most discerning residential and commercial clients. An important part of their business has long been customization to meet specifications. This means that Walpole’s team can turn your CAD files into gorgeously milled finished pieces from the lattices on your custom arbors to the sweeping, reinforced structure of a contemporary pergola. But it also means a lot more in terms of building your capabilities and impressing your clients.

Your work is only as good as your collaborator

You’re going to have collaborators on your jobs, whether you choose them or whether your clients do. When you hand off your designs and specifications off to a client, they’re probably delighted with your work. They look forward to beautiful commercial pergolas framing their office’s entryways or the crisp, elegant lines of the AZEK gates that open into their garden, because you’ve sold them the idea of a great finished product that they’ll see every day for years. And they will. Every day. Whether it’s everything they dreamed, or a mess made by cut corners, kit products, and low-quality materials that you never specified.

Partnering with Walpole Outdoors offers the advantage of direct collaboration and personal attention throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. Housed under one roof in their state-of-the-art new England facilities, Walpole provides expert, one-on-one service. Starting from your initial concepting phase, CAD, engineering, and CNC milling capabilities are at your disposal. Real specialist work with you to provide you with samples, feedback, feasibility analyses, and more. And when the final project is approved and ready to execute, you’re not handing off your plans to Walpole: you’re confidently directing them to complete the custom arbors, AZEK gates, and commercial pergolas as part of a job Walpole has been involved in, all along.

Your only partner for AZEK excellence

“Vinyl” is a word few clients will ever ask you to put into your designs and specifications. But architects and landscape designers are increasingly aware that AZEK, a synthetic material once considered primarily appropriate only for trim or short planking, is an increasingly attractive option for use as a material in residential and commercial projects of all sizes. AZEK has been recognized for being able to replicate the look and feel of real wood while being much more durable and low-maintenance, and the possibilities you can offer your clients using this environmentally friendly material and partnering with a manufacturer who known how to work with it are nearly endless.

Walpole is the #1 fabricator of AZEK structures and products. That’s not a simple matter of volume; Walpole has unique methods of milling, reinforcing, and working with AZEK. This allows Walpole (and their partners) to use AZEK for much larger and sturdier structures, like this large span contemporary pergola and these architectural AZEK gates or projects requiring expansive commercial pergolas. Walpole can also include wiring conduits in AZEK pergolas for integrated lighting and power outlets, as well as features like powered awnings and screens. And your finest designs and detailing can be rendered with crisp, beautiful precision, such as in these Custom Chippendale AZEK gates. And as with all things AZEK, the finished versions of your projects will look great (requiring only minimal occasional surface cleaning) for decades.

Unmatched capabilities

If you understand the importance of collaborating only with top-quality manufacturers, you’ll be in good company. Sherwin-Williams recognizes the unique quality of Walpole’s AZEK finishing processes, and licenses Walpole to offer pieces factory-painted in over100 custom Sherwin-Williams Vinylsafe colors. So, whether you design gated custom arbors in bold hues (like this Hale navy blue elliptical arbor and Yorktown gate), or classic white, as in this stunning poolside contemporary pergola and outdoor kitchen, you’re also giving your clients an exclusive 25-year paint warranty against peeling, chipping, or cracking.


And as part of the value engineering Walpole provides professional collaborators, they not only help you create efficiencies to lower the final cost of your customized pieces; their design collections offer you a palette of pre-existing options across colonial, contemporary, and classical styles that can be integrated seamlessly into your plans. This can help you deliver the specific elegance and quality your vision and your clients demand, while staying within budget.


Choosing a partner

Finding the right partner, whether in business or life, isn’t always easy. You want someone who expands your capabilities without complicating your process, a partner who brings you solutions, not excuses, and a collaborator that makes your best designs even better by making them real. By making Walpole’s capabilities your own, you’re able to offer options your client may have thought impossible (and which would have been, without Walpole).

For more than 80 years, Walpole has worked continuously with industry professionals to help better meet their customers’ needs. Offering design collaboration and customization capabilities for landscape and architectural pros using AZEK for their clients’ next outdoor projects, Walpole is ready to provide you with CNC milling, unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and unparalleled partnership and support. Discover the difference collaboration can make. Discover what you can do with Walpole Outdoors.

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