AZEK Cellular PVC Made In America

Purchasing and maintaining your dream outdoor structure has never been easier. From fencing to pergolas to arbors to planters and window boxes, we can make just about anything in our state-of-the-art AZEK cellular PVC, fabricated right here in America. AZEK PVC is fabricated in Pittsfield, Maine and is a low maintenance, high performance wood alternative. AZEK PVC is weather and wear resistant while maintaining the look of wood. Like all of our products production and design are completed right here in New England. Our AZEK partnership ensures that we can produce the highest quality vinyl fencing and structures in an endless number of custom designs to create beautiful backyards all over the country.

Why AZEK cellular PVC?

  1. Looks and feels just like wood: Vinyl fabrication has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of cheap looking plastic - AZEK PVC looks so much like actual wood that many people can't tell the difference even while touching it. Visit any of our locations and see if you can tell the difference yourself!
  2. Low maintenance: AZEK vinyl materials are incredibly low maintenance compared to traditional wood. You never have to worry about nails coming loose in bad weather or mold and other critters burrowing their way inside. Forget water damage and you don't have to do regular paint or finish touch ups. AZEK PVC looks great for years and only requires a simple washing once in a while to remove dirt and other weather related build up.
  3. Easy to customize: Because it's made so close to home we can create fully customizable fences and structures in AZEK PVC to perfectly suit any space. In addition to getting the perfect structure, you also have the choice of any Sherwin Williams vinyl safe paint color to suit your style.
  4. Built to be strong: Through years of working with AZEK Walpole Outdoors has perfected the design and production of attractive and strong AZEK structures. Many of our gates, rails and large span beams are fitted with steel or aluminum reinforcements created at our in-house metal fabrication shop.


Wood or AZEK, you can't go wrong! Talk to one of our design experts for more information about both of our materials and get some more insight on what will work for you, your home, and your lifestyle.