A Message from CEO, Peter O'Connell

Thank you for visiting Walpole Outdoors.

Autumn is the quintessential New England season. Our days are generally mild and sunny and our evenings are crisp and dry. Autumn, and October specifically, also seems to be when we experience the most unexpected and erratic storms including: The Perfect Storm, Snowtober, and Sandy, to name a few. Autumn also marks the transition from long summer weekends and overflowing social schedules to a slower time, creating an opportunity to enjoy the remaining beautiful weather while planning holiday travel and looking ahead to spring projects for the home.

Whether your property has been damaged by unpredictable weather or you just want to consider enhancements for next season, please contact us to dispatch a Design Consultant to meet with you. We really do want to help you make your outdoor space the “best room in your home”.

Like everything these days, it is important that you contact us sooner rather than later to get your consultation scheduled. In 2021, Walpole Outdoors made the final transition from a seasonal company to a year-round enterprise. Strong demand for our products, coupled with the COVID-19 labor market and supply chain constraints, created fulfillment delays we are still working through. I could have never guessed the extent of shortages in material and labor the pandemic has created – each week seems to present a new challenge.

Luckily, Walpole has the best people and we have successfully risen to the challenge. Even as the COVID Delta variant menaced our production facilities in Northern Maine, we kept workers safe, while producing and shipping product to our talented Installation crews up and down the East Coast. This year we plan to work through the winter when dormant plantings and frozen ground often make our installation job easier and less stressful for foliage and landscaping.

Finally, if your travels allow, please visit us in our new Headquarters at Patriot Place in Foxborough, MA. This new location has allowed us to consolidate Design, Estimating, Engineering, Admin and our modern showroom in one location. Visit us to say hello and to let us help you nail down all of your design elements before treating yourself to a meal at Davios Steakhouse or one of the 16 other dining options within walking distance.

We hope to see or hear from you.

Kind regards,
Peter O’Connell